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5:20 AM.

You’re slowly opening your eyes. Your mind is surfacing out of morning meditation.

Calm feeling. Flowing happiness. A feeling that today you can get an inch closer to your dream life.

A morning story that you always wanted.

But that story looked very different 20 minutes ago…

<< 5:00 AM.

A piece of…

An unusual way to let your brain help you.

Switching off my computer and lights in the room, I left the notes on the whiteboard.

Outside was a cold December evening in Sweden. Almost midnight.

After a couple of hours trying to develop a solution for one of my projects, I just gave up. …

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The doors opened, slightly screeching. I entered the computer shop in my hometown in Eastern Slovakia.

“Good morning.”

“Morning,” sounded reply somewhere from the back.

The year was 1995, and right behind the door was a shelf with my dream computer, Commodore Amiga 1200.

The price tag was above my…

The world is so complicated that making correct judgment on the first time is unlikely.

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“Next, please.” called the receptionist.

I took our passports and put them on the reception desk.

“Good evening. Petrik. We have a reservation.”

Looking into the computer, the young receptionist quickly found our reservation and prepared the keys.

“I apologize for that,” he said, pointing to the large group of…

Slavo Petrik

The best inspiration for writing? Life.

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